propane camper generator

RV Living: How Much Gas Do Generators Use? (Average Consumption According To Fuel Type)

Generally, 5000-watt generators use one gallon of gasoline per hour, with propane consuming 1 to 1.5 gallons per hour. Fuel usage in a generator can vary depending on the size and type of generator, as well as how often it is used. But The consumption rate depends on fuel type.

rv electrical outlet

Camper Outlets: Can You Power Your RV Outlets With a Battery?

RV outlets can work on battery, depending on the outlet type. Some RV outlets are designed to be powered by a generator or an outside source of electricity, while others are made for use with batteries. It is important to check your user manual and determine its outlet before using with a battery power source.

sanitize rv fresh water tank

Fresh Water Storage: Is It OK To Leave Water in RV Tank?

To maintain the cleanliness and safety of the water in your RV’s freshwater tank, it is recommended to replace it every three to six months. Regular maintenance, such as sanitizing the tank and checking the water hose and filter, will help. By following these, you can have peace of mind that the water you use is safe.

converting hot water heater to tankless

On Demand Electric Water Heater For RV: Can You Convert Regular Heater To Tankless?

Converting an RV water heater to tankless is an easy process that begins with removing the existing hot water tank, followed by installing the new tankless model. Once your new unit is in place, connect it to your home’s electrical supply and set up the necessary plumbing connections.

rv plumbing schematic

RV Plumbing for Dummies: How Does RV Plumbing Works?

RV plumbing systems include freshwater tanks and pumps, grey water holding tanks, black water tanks, sewer hoses, and connections. The freshwater tank is commonly located at the back of the RV. A pump then draws the water from the tank and delivers it to faucets, showers, and other fixtures throughout the rig.

can one tampon clog toilet

Tampons in Septic Tank: What Happens if I Accidentally Flush a Tampon Down the RV Toilet?

Although you can flush tampons in camper toilets, it is not recommended because it can clog the holding tanks and cause damage to your plumbing system. It is best to dispose of tampons appropriately. You can use biodegradable toilet tissues and if your camper toilet gets clogged, try using a snake, auger, or chemical cleaner.

live in truck

Overnighter Camper: Is It Safe to Leave Your Camper Hooked on Your Truck?

You can leave a truck hooked up to a camper. It saves lodging expenses and allows you to return on your journey anytime you want. However, finding properly leveled ground for your hitched truck might take a lot of work. You can opt for the middle-ground approach to make your truck-hitching journey easier.

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